Biography of Eduard Ivanovych Gudzenko



  • 27 April 1938 Born in the city of Cherkasy, Kyiv oblast (today: Cherkasy oblast).
    Father: Ivan Ivanovych Gudzenko, amateur painter, mother: Evheniia Hryhoriivna.
  • 1945 Gudzenko enters Cherkasy secondary school #5
  • 1953 – 1955 Art classes with teacher A. F. Poshyvanyk in high school (grades 8 to10). Gudzenko’s spiritual leader is I. E. Gorbatov, teacher of the Russian language and literature
  • 1957 Gudzenko finishes high school in Cherkasy
  • 1957 Enrolls in the Republican Art Institute (city of Kishinev), where he studies under A. I. Kolchak, M. A. Riasniansky, M. G. Hreku, A. A. Vasyliev; practiced under Corneliu Baba (Budapest)
  • 1958 Gets married. His wife Yuliia worked as a nurse. Two daughters Natalia and Alexandra. Younger daughter Alexandra (b. 1970) displays a talent for drawing
  • Late1950s Birth of the Moscow “Severe Style”: Pavel Nikonov, Nikolai Andronov
  • 1957 – 1962 Gudzenko creates a series of small landscapes
  • 1960 Takes part in one of the first unsanctioned student anti-Soviet rallies in the USSR to protest the arrest of student Maria Rechile and her three-day interrogation by the KGB
  • 1962 Gudzenko’s portraits show the influence of the Severe Style, facets and planes that were favored both by Russian Cezannists, avant-gardists, and Malevich
  • 1962 Graduates from Art Institute
  • 1962 Director, Fine Arts Studio at the Pioneers Palace in Cherkasy
  • 1966, Kyiv Takes part in exhibition of young Ukrainian artists: Sunflowers (1966) and Peppers (1964). Appreciation and praise by Tatiana Yablonska, Heorhii Yakutovych and Hryhorii Havrylenko
  • 1969 Soviet authorities begin hounding Gudzenko, who is criticized at general meeting of the Cherkasy regional branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine
  • 1969 – 1987, Cherkasy Monumental art: mosaics, Ukrainian folk art, various studios, theater set designs
    1970s Motifs of the stage, masks, and scenic games (carnivals, street theater)
  • 1975 Creates a pictorial self-portrait
  • 1980 Self-Portrait in a Yarmulke shown at an arts council session, Gudzenko accused of “Jewish cosmopolitanism”
  • 1984 Portrait of Veteran Stableman Ivan Hrytsai, elements of the Severe Style
  • 1987, Cherkasy Three-person exhibition (E. Gudzenko, Y. Naiden, S. Sosulin) at gallery of Cherkasy branch of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Gudzenko’s main paintings are published in exhibition catalogue
  • 1987 Suffers a heart attack, temporary loss of use of one hand (the sureness of his hand is suspect, and there are signs of amorphousness and fuzziness in his brushwork in this period)
  • 1987 A graphic Self-portrait
  • 1989 Younger daughter Aleksandra commits suicide
  • Early 1990s Gudzenko moves to the village of Budyshche, 30 km away from Cherkasy
  • 2005 Creates a series of paintings, including The Alley of Peace, the last one
  • 29 August 2006 Gudzenko dies; buried in the village of Budyshche, Cherkasy district, Cherkasy oblast
  • 2007 First retrospective exhibition at the Cherkasy Art Museum (organized by N. Babak)
  • 2007 First catalogue Eduard Gudzenko. Paintings. – Kiev: Volf (published by N. Babak)
  • 2007 Article published in Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine. – Kiev: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Institute of Encyclopedic Research; Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society. – Vol. 7
  • 2008, Kyiv Solo exhibition held at the gallery of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (organized by N. Babak)
  • 2011 Gudzenko is mentioned as an outstanding representative of the Ukrainian nonconformist style in edition Ukrainian culture of the XXth – early XXIth c // The History of the Ukrainian Culture: in 5 volumes. – Kiev: Scientific thought. – Vol. 5, book 1

1. In the workshop of the art school. Chisinau.1959

1.В мастерской художественного училища.Кишинев.1959

2. In the workshop of an art school with a teacher. Chisinau.1960

3.В мастерской художественного училища с преподавателем. Кишинев.1960

3. In the school. Kishinev.1960

4.В училище.Кишинев_1960

4. Gudzenko.Kishinev.1961

23. Гудзенко.Кишинев 1961

5. Chisinau.Course.1960-61


6. Model. Chisinau 1960-61

7.Натурщица. Кишинев 1960-61

7. Classmates.Association Order-bearers for the Day of the Soviet Army.Kishinev 1960

9.Однокурсники.Акция Орденоносцы на День Советской Армии.Кишинев 1960

8. Father. Gudzenko Ivan Ivanovich. Cherkassy.1963

11.Отец. Гудзенко Иван Иванович. Черкассы.1963

9. Relatives E. Gudzenko from the mother. Family Tkachenko. 1917

14.Родня Э.Гудзенко со стороны матери. Семья Ткаченко. 1917

10. Eduard Gudzenko with his mother Yevgenia Grigoryevna. Cherkassy 1940

18.Эдуард Гудзенко с мамой Евгенией Григорьевной.Черкассы 1940